Confessions of a broken heart

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I wish I never found out

Today I found out I’m in love with this guy I met a few months ago. We hung out, we kissed, he helped me and last but not least we had sex. I thought he had feelings for me too, but today I found out he doesn’t and the idea of him “cheating” on me made me sick. It can’t be described as cheating because we’re not together, but it felt like he did and now I feel bad about it.
On valentines day I heard his best friend talking about this girl he mentioned before and due to the fact that he didn’t want me to listen to it made me think they were talking to me.
This guy is known as a womanizer and I know I shouldn’t have this feelings, but he has been so nice that I couldn’t help it . I wish I was stronger, I wish I never let him see me at my weakest point, I wish I never let him know my secrets and I wish I could stop loving him.

Love won’t thank you this time

It happened again, she couldn’t resist it. Every time he called her to a “get together” she always said yes. She couldn’t resist his strong arms, his sweet kisses, his dominant behavior, she couldn’t help but say yes. He has been the one who hasn’t cared about her lonely live, he has seen her beauty while she feels ugly, he has been the one offering his helping hand without complaining and the only way in which she thinks she can say thanks is by giving him the best sex he has ever had.
This is just friendship, one of the best you could ever find, which can be destroyed if love comes in the way.
Love is powerful, love has been defined as the greatest feeling in the world, but what comes after love is gone isn’t a pleasant thing, it just comes to break people apart and they wouldn’t want to be involved in such thing.


Sometimes you just feel like crap. You start thinking about your past and the decisions you’ve made through all your life. Sometimes you regret having sex with a friend or getting into a relationship with that guy who broke your heart. Sometimes you cheat, sometimes you lie, sometimes you’re just afraid of the consequences coming ahead for those decisions you made in the past. Sometimes you just need to cry or tell somebody about it, just to let go, but what if it’s not enough? Sometimes even though we try to do things better and have a fresh start, we still feel like crap, we still feel like there’s something wrong or that we will never be a good person. Sometimes we stop trying because we know we have failed and we just wish we’ve never made that decision.

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the saddest feeling ever is when you finish a show because you watched all of the episodes too quickly and you just want to stay inside that world for a little bit longer, but you can’t

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Are we humans or are we dancers?

As days went by, they began to talk. They saw each other every week and even though they denied the love they felt for each other, they had the most passionate sex in the world. They named it “friends with benefits”.
You could see it in their kisses, their touching and the way they looked at each others, they were in love. That forbidden love, no one could know, but they wanted to shout it out to the world.
Around their parents and friends they just pretended to be great friends, but as soon as they locked the door…you don’t even want to know what happened.
The worst things happened after sex because they hardly talk to each other and it just kill them inside because they don’t know if it’s gonna happen again or if the other one liked it, they just pretend nothing ever happened and try to continue with their life.
She’s willing to go and confess all the love inside her heart, but she doesn’t know how is he going to react, she doesn’t want their “friendship” to stop and if she confesses it could make her the happiest girl in the world or break her heart as nobody else has.
He’s willing to confess his love, but he doesn’t know if she only wants to be “friends” or if she would like to be with a guy like him. Both of them are wasting time because they fear the other’s reaction.
It could be easy, but what you don’t know is that he’s cheating on his girlfriend just because of this special girl and she’s letting him, while she is dating a guy she doesn’t even like, just so no one could imagine about their little “affair”.
They are too young to be engaged in that kind of relationship, they must leave their partners and be together because they belong together and being together make them happy.

A dream come true

Last month the forbidden guy and I had sex. We were supposed to watch a movie, but both of us knew that wasn’t the reason why we were together that night.
He started to take off my clothes and so did I. His kisses were perfect, his creativity was amazing. I will never forget that night full of excitement.
I know I shouldn’t have done it because we haven’t DTR, but I don’t regret it at all, in fact I would do it again if I can get to seen him soon.
What I liked the most was the way he treated me after it happened. It seemed like he enjoyed it so much that now he wants to be with me and it confuses me because he doesn’t seem to care, but at the end of the day he finds a way to show like he cares. What happened between us was like a dream come true, one of those you to remember for life.

This forbidden guy

When I met him I felt this connection between us but nothing ever happened until now. We talk every single day and I’m falling more and more.
What I like the most is the way he treats me and without being together he finds a way to turn me on.
The only problem is that I already made out with his best friend and I wouldn’t like to be in the middle of their friendship . His friend still likes me and is not my fault he now has a girlfriend.
I told myself this guy is forbidden and I would never kiss him, but he’s driving me crazy and to be honest I don’t know what to do . I just want to be on top of him and kiss his entire body until I can no more, I want him to take my clothes off and make me feel like I’m the only girl in this world. I want to feel his hands all over my body, but I keep on thinking this is wrong and that I shouldn’t do it.

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Now he knows I haven’t forgotten him. He knows i still think about him after all this months. I didn’t want to play with his feelings, but I just missed his soft kisses and the way he tells me I’m beautiful and that he’s in love with me. His cute face when he says “please fall in love with me” but I’m still here thinking why I shouldn’t. He’s just a sexual freak that will only use, but he claims that he loves me. Is that true? Should I leave it all behind just to be with him or should I stay with my life as it is and forget him and his amazing kisses?
Thanks god we decided to stay as friends with benefits because I know that he would make me do what I’ve never done while having a relationship, he’s the only one who can make me cheat and that’s absurd. I just hate myself when I’m around him cuz everything is so easy for him. While I die inside because I don’t even know if I’m in love with him or just playing with his feelings.

Just how I feel

Today I found out someone I love is bisexual. I’ve never been homophobic, but it’s weird and unexpected. That little person has been in my life for so long and it shocked me to find out he has done things with someone from his same sex and refuses to make out with me just so he doesn’t hurt my feelings. I’m so sad right now, because he has changed. He’s not the guy I want to be with anymore and it’s not because of his sexual preferences, it’s because he left his innocence somewhere else and I don’t know if i like him anymore. He’s cute and that’s the problem. With this new situation it won’t be so easy getting him out of my heart.
But R.I.P to my feelings for you. I just can’t stand the new you :(